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Why we should switch to MRP?

Learn why monthly recurring profit (MRP) is better than monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

Why we should switch to MRP?

There is no term MRP (Monthly Recurring Profit) in the business. We have had MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) for ages, but there is a problem with MRR.

You can't tell the profit a company is earning from it. MRR tells the cash flow within the company, but a company also has expenses. So when we try to calculate the total profit a company is earning monthly it is much lower than the MRR which gets quite disappointing to the users or the buyers.

So what's the solution?

Switch to Monthly Recurring Profit (MRP)

Get a clear picture of the profit a company is earning after all the expenses like advertising, server cost, etc. This way when a buyer looks at the listings of products and gets an entire picture of what the company is doing, how can the buyer improves the matrics and make strategies.

We have already implemented it for our users

Now you can see MRP directly on listings just by toggling the MRP switch at the top left.

MRP Toggle

This will show the current monthly recurring profit of the product.

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