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Japanese candy subscription box. Includes domain and right to use text content only. Does not include any code, customer list, etc. Oldest candy subscription box domain in the world! Old content with decent backlinks as well. Google likes it.

Candy Japan | Japanese Candy Subscription
Japanese candy boxes shipped to you worldwide up to twice a month, starting from just $12.95.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you selling this project?

I ran this subscription box, but shut it in 2020 when Covid made shipping hard. Still ~2000 clicks / month on Google, ~7000 uniques. From past experience, this converts to a few (maybe ~5) new subs / month with no marketing. With LTV of ~$40, leadgen value ~$2400/year. I won't set up your website for you. I'll just transfer the domain, and agree you can use the site text content. No code or DB, copy & paste the content yourself from the site. After the domain transfer, my work is 100% done.

Who are your competitors?

The Japanese candy subscription box scene is admittedly intensely (ridiculously?) competitive. See here for a full list:

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