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Code base of a sharing economy mobile app

Code base of a sharing economy platform to bootstrap your own profitable startup with a similar use case. The non-profit mobile app was successfully used in production by over 3'000 individual users to share unused food with people in their area to reduce food waste.

Foodshelf - Time to stop food waste
Foodshelf ist eine App mit der nicht mehr benötigte Lebensmittel in ein virtuelles Lebensmittelregal gepostet und so der Nachbarschaft zum kostenlosen Abholen angeboten werden können.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you selling this project?

As we are both working full-time our time resources became very limited to continue working on this project in a professional manner, which is why we decided to sell it.

Who are your competitors?

- OLIO EXCHANGE LIMITED - Foodsharing e.V.

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