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A coding platform that helps you learn to code with tools to practice, discuss, take notes, listen to lo-fi music, and more!

DomeCode helps you learn code, practice, discuss, take notes, plan and more with the appropriate tools and a curated list of resources from a single platform. - DomeCode
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Why are you selling this project?

I started working full-time on my startup leaving essentially no time for this even with open-source contributors. This project's open-source repo has around 75 stars with 16 forks. It's not MIT licensed, however. It got around 500 users at its peak (averaging 15k web traffic hits a day) before I shut it down. I still do think that this project has a lot of potential, however, if monetized properly, hence I'm selling all the open-source (and closed-source) code for this project.

Who are your competitors?

LeetCode, AlgoExpert,

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